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I am asking every American to help restore and preserve our rights and freedom. We can accomplish this by VOTING. I would also ask everyone to vote in every election they are eligible to vote in. Also, I would ask to encourage everyone they know to vote, and even people they don’t know. I would say almost everyone agrees that our country has taken a wrong turn in recent years. The main problem is the politicians that are supposed to be representing us, don’t. Most of them forgot what their job is and are getting extremely wealthy on our tax money. They are doing this by representing SPECIAL INTEREST groups and BIG INDUSTRY and forgetting about we the people. The easiest way to correct this is to vote them out and replace them with people who will represent us. We great opportunity presents itself because most people don’t pay any attention to what our government is doing until it affects them directly. Well, everyone has seen the inflation, government mandates, border problem, I could go on and on. We need to clean house from the lowest level of government to the highest level, which gets me to my point. I think we have some GREAT people running for office right here in Manatee County. PLEASE help support and promote them. I feel voting can restore and preserve our country’s rights and freedom. I hear people say they don’t think it is worth the time it takes to vote because of the fraud. There is power in numbers. The more people that vote, the harder it is to steal another election. And yes, I think the 2020 election was stolen. I think Trump won by a landslide. I will get into the different ways the left stole the 2020 election later in this blog. I don’t consider myself to be a conspires, I am a realist. I do my research and draw my own conclusion. I would encourage everyone to take a few minutes and do their own research before they decide who to vote for. I consider myself to be a true PATRIOT and believe in protecting our CONSTITUTION and our RIGHTS. We also need to start making politicians pay when they ignore the constitution and our rights. The word representative is self-explanatory. They are supposed to Represent us, “WE THE PEOPLE “. I have heard many people state the reason they don’t is because it is rigged, and their vote doesn’t matter. I can honestly state this fact: Our voter rolls need a lot of attention. I won’t call it fraud because that is much different than inaccurate data. What I mean by inaccurate data is Deceased people and wrong addresses. I helped canvas Manatee County and I couldn’t believe how many houses we checked had wrong information on the voter rolls. Houses that were torn down several years ago, different people living in the house and people who had moved out, etc. I understand it takes a certain amount of time to update the voter rolls, but I have seen information that should have been updated several years ago. Knowing all of this, I still think voting is the MOST important thing we as Americans can do to preserve our way of life. Because of a lot of hard work by many volunteers and a few good state congressmen, and our awesome GOVERNOR, several steps have been taken to help ensure every vote counts. I feel in the 2022 election the great state of FLORIDA will be the most secure state to vote. 

We still have several steps to be taken to stop cheating but some dedicated people are working hard to get this accomplished.

I stated earlier in my blog I would give facts and statistics on how the 2020 election was stolen. If you doubt anything I state, please do your own research, and let me know. 

Zuckerberg’s donations.  According to Nypost.com

Zuckerberg donated $420 Million to nonprofit groups across our country.  Of the 25 grants CTCL provided large sums to cities and counties of swing states.

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania & Texas.

Here is a list of some counties that received money right here in Florida.

Palm Beach $6.8 Million

Hillsborough $2.93 Million

Miami-Dade $2.48 Million

Leon $1.43 Million

Brevard $850,000

Broward $749,900.

Alachua $707,600

Lake $195,900

Hernando $111,800.

Osceola $109,400.

Wakulla $69,500.

A grand total of $16,456,255.00

Anyone wanting to verify my information can go to a website called 

Public Interest.

And this is only one of the many BIG TECH companies that donated millions. Some say the election was bought and paid for by BIG TECH, I think it was both bought and stolen.

Now we will move on to Cheating


The left cheated in many ways. Here are some of them:

Drop boxes. Hundreds of thousands of votes were ILLEGALLY put into drop boxes around the country. There is digital proof brought to light by the documentary 2000 Mules.  Cell phone tracking along with video cameras have proof of the activity which mostly happened late at night into early morning. I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen 2000 Mules to watch it. Anyone can watch it for free at: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/2000-mules-watch-the-full-movie/

Also, the law requires a working video camera at every drop box. Well guess what, there were plenty of sites with no video cameras or cameras that didn’t work.


There is overwhelming proof that there was a significant number of deceased people that voted by mail in ballots. Duplicate ballots were also found. Mail in ballots were discovered where people that didn’t vote at all someone had mailed in ballots in their name. 

Poll Worker fraud

Poll Workers were caught throwing out ballots, changing ballots, etc.

Ballot harvesting

Organized groups went into care homes for the elderly and assisted people, that weren’t coherent, to fill out their ballot for them. 

The left cheated in other ways I won’t get into right now.

Several of the things I mentioned have since been corrected and some things are being worked on to get corrected. 

My question:

Will you join me and many other Patriots in the fight to save our great country or will you just sit at home and keep complaining about the state of our government and not even try to help. 

I would rather try and fail than to do nothing at all!

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