Jack May


Our President and Mission Statement​

We are a non-partizan organization made up of concerned citizens of Manatee County and surrounding areas and funded by the generous support of the community. The purpose of Manatee Patriots is to restore the use of our US Constitution to its original intent.

Action Teams

Election Integrity

Mission Statement:Work towards honest elections in Manatee County by cleaning up voter rolls, volunteering to work the polls, provide voter education. 

Furthermore, we believe that…

– Voting fraud occurs before, during and after elections.
– It can assume many forms.
– There are laws which are intended to prevent fraud.
– However, discovery and enforcement are issues.
– We understand that every Election is a process dictated by legal, policy, procedural and logistical requirements.

Committee Chairperson:  Mark Stanoch








Manatee County Schools

Mission Statement: To get back to the basics of educating not indoctrinating.

To accomplish this, we are focused on:

School Board – Monitor meetings and hold board members accountable on policy issues and their voting record. Identify and encourage strong conservatives to run for the school board.

Curriculum – Learn what is really being taught in our schools. Eliminate race-based curriculum and resources. Eliminate teaching that sexualizes our children, and it is starting in kindergarten! Refocus on core subjects, true American History, and biblical principles.

Parent Engagement – Inform and engage parents in Manatee County on what is happening in their schools.

Manatee County Government

Mission Statement:  The County Government/BOCC action team is actively engaging the BOCC with the goal of being more relatable and understood, especially when it comes to our desire for a smaller, frugal and accountable County Government.







State Legislature

Mission Statement: The State Legislature Action team works with all other Action teams to coordinate efforts to promote their ideas directly to the state Representatives and Senators. We are a liaison between the Manatee Patriots and work to keep our elected State Senators and Representatives apprised on our Teams efforts to bring forth ideas and educate our State Officials on issues of concern to our Members, Community, and the State at Large.







Constitution Assembly/Grand Jury

Mission Statement:  The time has come for we the people to re-establish the Town Hall Assembly and Grand Jury in order to manifest and maintain our republic in its original form and function. The Town Hall Assembly was a method by which the consensus of the county or community was determined and manifested to the representatives in government. Unfortunately this has been high jacked and grossly manipulated by politicians for their interest not ours. The Grand Jury was the shield and sword of the people to protect against malicious and unwarranted prosecution by a government gone wild. In addition, it is our goal in this action Committee to educate and implement this grand jury institution of our founders to expose and keep all accountable to the constitution of these United States of America.