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Keeping Manatee County elections fair, open and honest.

Our right of equal representation is guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.
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Stay up to date with these key election integrity resources

Election Integrity Network

Follow election integrity news nationwide in this must-see resource.

Defend Florida Canvassing

Review the latest results of the Defend Florida Canvassing efforts across the state.

iVoter Guide

Produces annual voter guides that advise voters about a candidate's rating as a conservative, and positions on the key issues. These evaluations are done for federal level and some state elections.

The People's Audit

The Peoples Audit: If you are a legal Florida voter and curious if someone is secretly voting from your home, we created this online system for you to check.

Manatee Patriots Voter Registration Form

As a registered 3rd -party voter registration organization (3PVRO) Manatee Patriots can assist you with registering to vote.

Florida Dept of State Voter Registration

Voter Registration Database provided by the Florida Department of State

Faith Wins

Essential resources for Pastors and Congregation to mobilize and conduct a successful Faith-based Get Out the Vote drive.

Citizen's Guide to Election Integrity

A complete guide for building an election integrity infrastructure.

Title IX, Chapter 97 of the Florida Statutes

Laws relating to Voter Registration

True The Vote

Trust But Verify

Using the SAVE System for Voter Eligibility

Using the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program for Voter Eligibility Verification

Election Integrity Score Card from the Heritage Foundation

See how Florida and the other states rank in measure implemented to insure the integrity of elections.

Candidates and Campaigns

List of candidates and campaign data from the Florida Division of Elections. Lots of other great data are available as well.

Florida Fair Election

Coalition of local Election Integrity groups across the state of Florida

Election Integrity News

Click the button to download CPI's guide to the USPS

Great news! State Representative Cord Byrd of Neptune Beach named as new Florida Secretary of State, insuring that stronger election laws will be followed.

SB524 Analysis

Click on the graphic on the left to read the complete analysis on on SB524 improves the election process in Florida.  Analysis provided by the Florida State Senate.

Wow! Defend Florida takes Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson to the mat during a no holds barred Press Conference.

Gateway Pundit Lauds Defend Florida's Canvassing Effort. (Click the image to read the full article.)