Are Florida Republican Politicians Really Republicans?

(Editor’s note:  this is a reprint of an editorial originally published June 7 by Florida News Report).

It seems like Republican voters in Florida are waking up, which is good, even if it feels like a hangover. 

It is a rough day when one realizes their political worldview has been based on slick ads, rehearsed GOP talking points and the false belief that ANY politician with an R behind their name is better than any democrat. And we aren’t talking about members of our Party voting for candidates based on name recognition. We are talking about smart, patriotic, motivated Republican voters whose votes are based on the candidate’s policy positions which come directly from the candidate.

Only they are discovering they can’t believe what some Republican candidates say. 

These Republican voters have been hoodwinked and have woken up to that fact. These Republican voters realize “the Swamp” is filled with as many Republicans as it is despicable Democrats and as they accept that fact, they become angry. 

And rightly so. 

Republican ladies go from delight to angry … in one hour

Recently, a U.S. Congressman up for re-election, was speaking at a Florida Republican club luncheon. He hit all the talking points much to the delight of the women at the table. At one point, one woman in the group explained that they decided to get informed about who they were voting for after the 2020 Presidential election. They collectively agreed to attend local events to hear candidates speak. They loved what this congressman had to say – it was exactly what they wanted to hear.

Until…..record scratch……they were presented with a flyer exposing the congressman’s actual voting record which was in direct contradiction to what he said. The flyer didn’t just provide the voting record, but a link to each vote so the ladies could verify it for themselves. 

Two things immediately happened. 

The first was that they were offended…..offended that they had just listened to a liar for an hour who had secured their votes and even their donations only to  discover his voting record showed he didn’t support most of the issues he bragged about.

The second was that they asked how the voting records listed had been obtained. They suddenly were confronted with the fact that politicians lie. And lie well! To our faces! And they wanted the truth. With a few directions and links to reputable sites that post voting records, they now had resources to verify candidates’ real records. 

Leftist donors love Republican politicians… change my mind

If leftist millionaires and billionaires can donate money to Florida Republicans who in turn advance their donors’ policies, then the hard truth is that we, the Republican voters, are under the control of Democrats by PROXY. 

Some examples: 

Republican Senate President Wilton Simpson, accepted $250K From billionaire donor, Mike Fernandez, a registered Republican- who donates to Democrats and Republicans, wanted more gun control laws in Florida. Last October, Robert Rubenstein, Democrat millionaire, contributed $100,000 to Wilton Simpson: 

Simpson ditched the Republican Party Platform to defend gun rights of Floridians and instead, WROTE the Red Flag Law which passed in 2018.

Former Republican Senate President Bill Galvano, accepted $500K from Mike Bloomberg, a Democrat billionaire, who wanted gun control and doesn’t even live in Florida. Galvano ditched the Republican Party Platform to defend gun rights of Floridians and got the Red Flag Law passed instead.

Incoming Republican Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, who started off her political career defending the Second Amendment, ditched the Republican Party Platform to defend gun rights of Floridians and instead voted for the Red Flag Law.  She was for it before she was against it. At the same time. Her website: 

See a pattern here? 

See the list of Florida Republicans who voted for gun control here:  

Is a Republican really Republican when they advance Democrat policies?

If all it takes is a large donation to change a Republican’s policy position, is he really a Republican? 

On the campaign trail, all we hear from Republican candidates is their Republican Party Platform positions, but isn’t it true that these same Republicans turn around and vote against the Republican Party Platform the first chance they get?  

If one’s closely held beliefs are only closely held until receiving a handsome sum of money in one of their three PACs, was it really ever a closely held belief? 

Again, Republican voters are under the control of Democrats by PROXY. 

Election Day for Republicans isn’t in November – it’s August 23rd

Republican voters only get one shot at purging the Republican Party of RINOs each election year and that date comes early – the August Primary election. 

But most Republican voters don’t participate…. the Republican voter turnout is only around 30%. It is on August 23rd Republican voters decide the direction of the party when they choose between: 

  • A RINO Establishment candidate who doesn’t adhere to the Republican Party Platform 


  • A Republican constitutional conservative candidate who embraces the Republican Party Platform


Do you have some Republican friends you can influence to actually go vote on August 23rd? 

Do it. 

Do it like your life depends on it. Because it does. When elected Republicans pass Democrat policies, your rights are immediately reduced. From gun rights to Covid restrictions, this is no joke. 

August 23rd is your Election Day.  

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  1. Mark you hit it and my best belief at the efforts we face. We have to get this out to our pcs by district as we/they seek to vote in Best Replacements.

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