Enforcing Election-Related Violations: The Tarrant County Texas Miracle

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, a top financier of the World Health Organization (WHO), and a vaccine investor has predicted that 2024 will result in “a hung election and civil war”.

The increasing evidence that America is under siege from within and without is becoming impossible to ignore.

Trevor Louden, Retired General Michael Flynn, and Robert Malone, M.D. are a few of an increasing number of modern-day Paul Reveres who are sounding an alarm that we are in a covert war – a war of “fifth generation warfare” or “unrestricted warfare” – a type of war in which a population is ambushed with unconventional and disguised weapons such as misleading or blatantly false information, engineered or staged high-profile events presented in mainstream media news reports, economic manipulation, the legalization of lawlessness, destructive and corrupt policies established by unelected officials through stolen elections, and nefarious activities of non-profit NGOs.

One of the speediest ways to understand the type of ongoing, real-time attacks which are laser-focused especially on America but are being perpetrated virtually worldwide is to experience the 1944 film, “Gaslight”, which was so profound that the name “Gaslight” (originally a 1938 play) has been incorporated as part of ordinary language to convey the concept of the weaponization of trust through vile and masterful deceit.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the ongoing acts of war and the ambush of unwitting populations, and as many are turning to prayer for Guidance on what to do – many miracles are quietly emerging.

One of those miracles, which started with just 3 people and a “politically unlikely” idea, is happening in Tarrant County, Texas, the 3rd largest county in Texas (Fort Worth) with a population as large as 14 states combined.

In January, 2023, according to Tarrant County executive head, Judge Tim O’Hare, what may be the first official county-Level Election Integrity Task Force (EI Task Force) in our nation was established.
(April 19, 2023 interview: Episode 71; Cleta Mitchell’s Election Integrity Network podcast “Who’s Counting”)

Most importantly, the EI Task Force has law enforcement “teeth” and the no-nonsense goal is to prosecute election-related wrong-doing to the fullest extent of the law. It is intended to intimidate potential wrong-doers and to be valued by any citizen who wants a safe and honest election.

The EI Task Force is able to investigate an allegation of any type of election cheating or any violation of election regulations, which may include allegations concerning electronic machines, fake ballots, campaigning less than 100 feet from the polling place, multiple people registered to vote at an address where no one lives, and disruptors at a polling place.

Judge O’Hare describes an actual situation that occurred in the November, 2022 election in which an Election Judge was confronted with disruptors who began swearing at her when they were asked to leave.

When she called the Election Board they were unable to help because they had no enforcement ability. She then called the police, but the police never arrived.

This is a situation that could have been expeditiously handled if the EI Task Force had been in place.

Judge O’Hare reports that another County in Texas already has plans to replicate the Tarrant County EI Task Force blueprint, and that the Tarrant County EI Task Force might be willing to help counties in other states who are interested in replicating the model.

The EI Task Force model is built on a coordinated, interagency infrastructure that combines personnel from the offices of County Sheriff, County District Attorney, and the County Judge (the Chief Political Executive of the County government who is titled “County Judge” in Tarrant County).

Four (4) pending election fraud cases involving elections that occurred prior to January 2023 have already been brought.

In the Tarrant County model, a case might begin with a call to the EI Task Force Hotline. The Hotline can trigger a formal investigation by a Sheriff’s Deputy who is specially trained for the EI Task Force, and then, if indicated, a designated Assistant District Attorney will pursue prosecution.

The official Tarrant County government Election Integrity Task Force is a powerful structure to help ensure that the officials who are installed in public office are the officials for whom We the People actually voted, and to help ensure that elections can occur in a safe environment.

Will we have “a hung election and civil war” as Bill Gates has warned?

Let’s look at the track record Bill Gates has established for predictions he has made. In Davos, Switzerland at the 2010 meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Bill and Melinda Gates pledged $10 billion to launch what they called the “Decade of Vaccines” and promoted investment in vaccines as a 20:1 ROI.

Ten years later, at the end of the “Decade of Vaccines”, the year was 2020, the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC – literally pronounced “fake”), and Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci were broadcasting that almost everyone in the entire world must be vaccinated with the COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine”.

Suddenly, the media were labeling the unvaccinated as a disease-carrying menace to the rest of society despite the fact that the vaccinated should be protected if a true vaccine were administered.

When Bill Gates made his plans and predictions about a hung election and civil war, did he imagine that there might be an Election Integrity Task Force in every county in our nation?

Three (3) people in Tarrant County, Texas are standing in the gap against those who seek to impose tyranny and have begun to reclaim Texas.

As a new resident of Marion County, Florida, the author of this article began exploring Florida citizen groups focused on healing the future of our nation and our world, and discovered an outstanding group in another county called the “Manatee Patriots”, and made a trip to a meeting in Manatee County to learn what might be helpful in Marion County.

The Manatee Patriots group publishes a newsletter twice a week, and about 100 people meet for congenial, well-organized, weekly meetings that are impactful to the county community and beyond – as was likely envisioned by the Founders of our great, highly successful, work-in-progress American dream.

Could an active group like Manatee Patriots proactively contribute First-in-Florida leadership to stand in the gap in Manatee County Florida to begin to reclaim Florida – just as Tarrant County is doing in Texas?

Could a weekly Tuesday meeting of the Manatee Patriots schedule Judge O’Hare or another spokesperson from the Tarrant County EI Task Force for a Zoomed Tuesday talk plus Q & A?

The Manatee County Sheriff, County District Attorney, County Commissioners and other key officials could be given special invitations, and follow up meetings could be planned.

Would a Town Hall Meeting be helpful?

What would be needed to replicate the Tarrant County model?

What would be needed to make room for a miracle in Manatee that could become the blueprint for Florida counties?

Tucker Carlson (April 21, 2023 Heritage Foundation talk) called for “…taking just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the fu
ture…” in what many are describing as a spiritual war of good and evil.

This War of Fifth Generation Warfare will determine the future of human civilization, and as Josh Hammer has written it implicates distinct visions of “…man’s very biology and his relations with his fellow man, the state, and God Himself”.


Maybe we’ll have a contagious miracle in Florida and across our nation if we come closer to God, avoid social distancing, and work together.

Why are we in a place where we think it’s a miracle when the law is enforced? Doesn’t this prove how much we need to pray for Divine Intervention?

Please enjoy the heartening conversation in the interview with Judge O’Hare (linked below) which is rich with information and wise common sense and can help inspire We the People to reclaim our nation as it continues to mature and be the “The land that never has been yet – and yet must be – the land where every man is free.” (“Let America Be America Again”, Langston Hughes)

Tarrant County, TX Judge Tim O’Hare: Replicate This! A Local Government’s Official Election Integrity Task Force

Natalia Lee Gardener, Ph.D.

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