Letter to the Manatee County School Board

First let me say: 


I greatly appreciate the time and effort you’ve taken to reveal the underpinnings of our School Board and the Administrator.  If not for you and Richard, I’m sure we would have been kept securely in the dark as to the content and obvious intent and motivation to sneak in language that has become synonymous with the intent of CRT.  The synopsis of the plan on the District’s website is carefully worded and after perusing, I am sure it would stop the average reader from going any further.  After all, it says everything you would expect.  Here is the excerpt from the site: 

 “The 2020-2022 Strategic Plan outlines our dedicated focus to investing in our core foundations of Our Students, Our Employees, Our Future and Our Community over the next two school years, especially considering what our school community has been through with the recent pandemic. This new strategic plan and new core values will continue to ensure we have an exemplary student-focused school system that develops lifelong learners to be globally competitive.

Through a collaborative and inclusive process, this strategic plan was developed with valuable input from community and business leaders, parents, district administrators and employees. The School District of Manatee County is providing the best education in the State of Florida through innovative initiatives and strategic investments. Together, we are empowering our students today for their success tomorrow.”

It is quite innocuous.  The only thing missing is a Happy Face.  

As the president of the board of directors of Manatee Patriots (aka “Tea Party Manatee”) I will make sure this information is published on our website and in our newsletter which goes out weekly to our thousand subscribers.   

To the Board Members and Administrator:

I trust you will immediately amend the District’s Strategic Plan, which is the right thing to do.  You may feel that with an election season upon us, you can kick this can down the road and wait for the installation of a new board.  I truly hope that is not the case.  Whether you realize it or not, the language causes the assumption that it is a carefully veiled plan to usurp the intent of the statutes, and worse yet the will of the people of Manatee County.  

I have heard the clarion cry from the District: “There is no CRT in Manatee County Schools!”  Ladies, and gentlemen, you have merely renamed the duck; the feathers and intent are the same.  I am also interested in the names, and valuable input by the community and business leaders, parents, district administrators and employees.  I am sure these names and their input has been recorded and available for review.  I would appreciate a copy of this information.  If a FOIA request is necessary, we can accommodate.

I welcome your response and will take time out of my busy day to meet with any of you if you feel your explanation of the plan will satisfy the resolution put forth by Mr. Gibellina.

Comments, questions, or concerns – please let me know.

Jack D. May, Jr.

President – Manatee Patriots

Call: (941) 812-6399

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