Cats vs Dogs?

Why I think ALL Cats are Democrats and Dogs are Republicans (My opinion)

I have made a list of things acceptable Each action is OK for either a dog or a cat and in some way OK for a Democrat or Republican. Please write Cat, Dog, Democrat or Republican in front of the action that best fits the action. Please put oneanimal choice and one political party choice in front of each action. (come on  play along ) Use a D, C, Dem or R: 

#1._______________don’t need licenses, or immunization shots, and can roam the neighborhoods freely.

__________________need licenses, must be on a leach at all times, and supervised at all times.


#2. _______________ only associate with people when they are in the mood or the activity is something they approve of. No chance of discussion or changing their mind.

__________________ Are ready to join in most activities and will listen to reason and keep a open mind and will make the proper choice


#3. _______________ can crap in neighbors yard or anywhere they feel like and no one is responsible to clean it up.

__________________ Someone is held responsible for cleaning up the crap or there are consequences


#4.________________ always look for handouts without earning them.

 __________________must sit, beg, roll over or do whatever trick their master sakes them to do for a treat. And actually have a real job. (Watch___, Seeing eye ___, drug sniffing ___) You get the point.


#5. ________________do not have to abide by the laws with no consequences ,can get away with killing protected birds and other animals with no consequences                                       

___________________ Must abide by all laws and face severe consequences if they don’t. (If a ___ so much as snarls at someone, they are considered rabid and everyone is ready to put them down.


#6.________________claw or bite someone and be as rude as they want and everyone says “That’s how they are”

___________________are expected to never disagree, resist any action, and

pretty much go along with whatever the Master wants.


#7 ________________have nine lives. No matter what happens they they never seem to die, just like can break the law, do whatever they want and they keep on just like nothing happened.

 __________________make a mistake they don’t survive it.


#8___________________always land on their feet.  No matter how bad they screw up, they always seem to land on their feet.

 _____________________Are tried and convicted  even when they have done nothing wrong.


#9______________________ try their best to cover their crap, but it always seams to come to the surface and gets all over everyones shoes and at that point they act like it isn’t theirs.

______________________any crap must be picked up and dealt with, and there is actually a DNA test to prove what subject the crap belongs to.


I hope I didn’t annoy too many people but remember if you played the game, you made the choices.

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