Gitmo is Waiting.

Well, it’s been a long 5 years since I put out the first “Dirty Dozen” list of Coup conspirators, guess what?  Not one of these felons has seen a jail cell.  The US “Justice Department” has known all along (as well as been complicit) that all these fine politicians were involved up to their necks.

But the real facts are finally, although slowly, coming to light.  Look at the list below and scan the new information for these same names who are now all coming into focus after 5 years of Democratic smoke screens to keep them all out of prison.

An FBI agent involved in the investigation named William Barnett told DOJ investigators that there was never any basis for the bizarre “collusion” theory and that Mueller’s office pushed prosecutions with a “get Trump” mentality. But even then, Mueller found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.


                                  The Dirtiest Dozen – FISA Traitors ALL

Gitmo is waiting with some of your best friends

  1. Rod Rosenstein
  2. McCabe
  3. John  Brennan
  4. James  Clapper
  5. James Comey
  6. Peter Struzk
  7. Lisa Page
  8. Bruce Ohr
  9. Nellie Ohr
  10. Robert Mueller
  11. Hillary Clinton
  12. Barack Obama

    2nd String  Terrorists

  1. Christopher Steele
  2. Loretta Lynch
  3. Kevin Clinesmith
  4. Michael Sussmann –
  5. Eric Ciaramella
  6. Lois Lerner
  •  The Baker Biden dirty dozen
  1. Joe Biden
  2. Hunter Biden
  3. Glenn Simpson
  4. Eric Holder
  5. Susan Rice


The Dirty Dozen

  1. Rod Rosenstein – Fmr Deputy Attorney General, Coup director, lied to congress
  2. Andy McCabe – Fmr Director of National Intelligence
    1. Told L. Page that Rosenstein would ware a wire with DJT
  3. John Brennan – Fmr CIA Director
  4. James Clapper – Fake Dossier received by Bruce Ohr and brought forward with help from John McCain
  5. James Comey –
    1. Pardoned HRC for personal Server farm and the deleted 30,00 emails
    2. July 2016 named FISA (Coup) director
  6. Peter Struzk – Investigator lead for HRC 30K deleted emails, Private Server, Dossier Funding, Author Crossfire Hurricane / insurance policy
  7. Lisa Paige – Co-Conspirator Insurance Policy with P.Struzk
  8. Bruce Ohr – Brought the Steel Dossier to Comey from Fusion GPS
  9. Nelly Ohr – Worked for Fusion GPS!!
  10. Robert Mueller – Band leader for 2.5 year, $25million witch hunt
  11. Hillary Clinton – True Russian Collusion
    1. Paid for Steel Dossier – Clinton Foundation Funds
    2. B. Clinton gets ½ million speaking engagement
  12. Barry Hussein Obama-
    1. Aware of the 2016 Coup, yet told all to “go by the book”
    2. Sale of Uranium to Russia (Iran)
    3. Started the Racial Divide and hatred for Police
    4. Open mic agreement with Russia to do make a deal after elections
    5. Sent $1.2 Billion to Iran in Small bills (only criminal take payment that way)


2nd String  Terrorists

  1. Christopher Steele – Author of the fake Dossier
  2. Loretta Lynch- AG, Bill Clinton family chat on Tarmac, 1 week before Comey let Hillary off for deleting 10,000 emails
  3. Kevin Clinsmith – FBI, Worked for Struzk, falsified / doctored FISA evidence.
  4. Michael Sussmann – Hillary Clinton campaign attorney, lied to grand jury about Hillary’s payment for Dossier
  5. Eric CiaramellaCIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer who has served in both the Obama and Trump, leaked false info to Shiff to start Impeachment
  6. Lois Lerner- Treasury, Dis-allowed any Republicans 503c access


The Baker  Biden Dirty Dozen

  1. Joe Biden – Quid Pro Quo $s vs Prosecutor firing US President access (as seen on TV !!)
  2. Hunter Biden
    1. $1 million job for Ukraine oil Co
    2. $1.5 Billion Chinese Loan for future business
    3. $100 Million from Moscow for future business
  3. Glenn Simpson – Fusion GPS owner
  4. Eric Holder – Gun running in Mexico
  5. Susan Rice-
  6. Illegal Unmasking of Republicans
  7. Benghazi defense delay, Ambassador killing caused by movie
  8. Burgdahl (military traitor) exchange for 5 Terrorists


Dishonorable Mentions:

  • Adam Schiff –
    • Witness Tampering – Carter Paige
    • Used Fake Whistle Blower – Eric Ciaramellia
    • Lied about conclusive evidence for 2+ years
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz – DNC Server with Pakistan IT administrators who Stoll servers and fled back to Pakistan
  • Ben Rhodes (Obama Chief of Staff) – Lied to get Russian Uranium deal sold.
  • Sally Yates – Logan Act, denied Trump request to restrict Muslim terrorists from coming to USA.
  • Cheryl Mills – Bill Clinton’s sex abuse lawyer – spouted Benghazi Lies.
  • Donna Brazile – Gave questions to Hillary for debate with Bernie Sanders.

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  1. May I simply say what a relief to uncover somebody that really understands what theyre discussing over the internet. You certainly know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that youre not more popular because you certainly have the gift.

    1. Israelxclub,

      Thanks for the feedback, I have been investigating this Crime of the Century since I was first introduced to a FISA in 2016. This along with all the other smoke screens that the dems have perpetrated are Gitmo grade crimes. The latest insult was the meager fine that Hillary got for FUNDING THE STEELE DOSSIER !!!

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