Constitution Assembly/Grand Jury ACTION TEAM

Exercising our rights inherited from the Founders.

The time has come for we the people to re-establish the Town Hall Assembly and Grand Jury in order to manifest and maintain our republic in its original form and function. The Town Hall Assembly was a method by which the consensus of the county or community was determined and manifested to the representatives in government. Unfortunately this has been high jacked and grossly manipulated by politicians for their interest not ours. The Grand Jury was the shield and sword of the people to protect against malicious and unwarranted prosecution by a government gone wild. In addition, it is our goal in this action Committee to educate and implement this grand jury institution of our founders to expose and keep all accountable to the constitution of these United States of America.

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Grand Jury News

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Analysis by the lawyers committee of a historic and active case regarding the convening of a federal grand jury that is currently in controversy at the appeals court of the southern district of New York.